Medpronics Ltd is the mother company of AVCI CO Ltd, which is established in 1981 by an enthusiastic hunter SALIH ZEKI AVCI. After a short period of time, AVCI became popular and well know brand by Turkish Cypriot hunters and shooters. Since its foundation company had been supporting the preparation of shooters for domestic and international competitions.

Our company considers the sustainability for hunting and shooting as basis value principle. Our quality policy is based on to provide the customers the best and flexible products at competitive prices. Moreover our company provide value to country's industry and create qualified recruitment. Since 2003 we are the first and only exporter of ammunition in our country.

The values and know-how passed on to next generations by the founder 'SALIH ZEKI AVCI' in combination with latest technology assist the today's management to offer high quality and consistent products. Latest Ballistic Test measurement systems are used at our facilities to ensure quality and safety, and offer products according to CIP and TSE standards. Main value we consider at business process is based on "Sustainability-Quality- Tradition".

Our company also operates in free zone, and offer import-export, storage and logistics services to international market. Besides the manufacturing; Avcı Co Ltd. is leading importer-distributor of hunting/shooting equipment, guns and accessories in north Cyprus along with the retail shop in the centre of Nicosia.


Salih Zeki AVCI started production because of his passion for hunting, and desire to pass on his know-how to next generation hunters. He had followed and combined the innovation and technology with his experience. In a short time after foundation AVCI became the most popular brand for northern Cypriot hunters and shooters both for game and shooting disciplines.

Today combining the quality values he had passed on to family's next generation, and the latest manufacturing facilities results in best quality outcomes.“Salih Zeki AVCI” shooting tournaments are undertaken annually. These tournaments aims to commemorate him, and create an event for get together young and experienced hunters in order to pass on Salih Zeki AVCI's hunting and shooting memories and values.